Without rules, everything would be a mess. These rules apply to all users, moderators, basically everyone! Please abide by them, or be punished. Every offence (excluding vandalism) will result in a warning only if it is your first offence. After your first offence, you will be blocked for a week for all violations. 8 blocks will mean a permanent block!

User Rules

  1. Do NOT harass users in any way. If they have done something wrong, don't spam them, just let an admin know!
  2. Do not use profanity in any way. You may be mad or angry, but keep calm and don't swear.
  3. No discrimination (racial, sexuality, gender). No exceptions WHATSOEVER.
  4. Respect each other. It is kind and just keeps up a positive atmosphere.

Content Rules

  1. Do not use a different title on a page for the same subject as another. (i.e 'apple' then 'an apple')
  2. Do not vandalise. For editing to be considered vandalism, massive amounts of necessary information is deleted and spam is implemented. However, certain things will apply.
  3. Don't create pages off topic. (i.e don't talk about butterflies in a page here.)
  4. Respect all users work.
  5. Try to not make random categories.

Forum Rules

Forum rules are displayed on the forum page here:

Admin Rules

  1. All user rules apply, along with all others.
  2. Don't randomly delete posts or pages without a reason.
  3. All blocks (2nd-5th offence) are 7 days. From 5th onwards, it is 2 weeks, until 8th which is a permanent block. Remember to post to that user that they are blocked. It also helps admins figure out which offence they are on.
  4. Vandalism is punished with a 7 day block. This applies to people with no previous offences.
  5. Random blocking without a reason will result in immediate stripping of admin responsibilitie, and a month block. You can reapply for admin 1 month after your block.
  6. Do not respond to people requesting admin, unless it is a post based on an application.