Smashy Cars is a ROBLOX game developed by Roxidious and Aproxymous. The game was released in 2015 and is being constantly updated.

Description Edit

A place to smash cars! Smashy Cars is a game based off of the app Smashy There is currently no goal in this game but to smash up cars. Have fun!

Objective Edit

As the title implies, you drive around and smash cars. There are various cars and locations in the game which you can explore. It may be small, but it is quite a good experience.

Locations Edit

  • City
  • Spawn
  • Bridge
  • Airport

Tips Edit

  • If you try to use the Farm Boy to explode people, just don’t. It will only affect you.
  • Try not to rage when being wrecked by a bulldozer. It is called “Smashy Cars” for a reason.
  • Brake before you turn as the cars slide whilst turning.